The War for the Western Southlands is a widespread conflict in Erenoth's Western Southlands. The war began when the Corrupter, a rogue member of the Convocation, united the tribes of G'valt and led them in a crusade northward towards the free city of Falhast. The dwarves of Stone Rift, the orcs and elves of the Shade Vale, and the people of Gwyn Tirod have all become embroiled in this conflict.

Chronology of the War Edit

The March of the G´Valt barbarians Edit


The Raid of Gwyn Tirod Edit


The Battle of Demeter Edit


The Treason of Stone Rift Edit


The Battle of Shade Vale and the Exodus of the Elves Edit

The Battle of Loch Brune Edit


The Siege of Falhast Edit

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