Edrogan Kreel, later known as Kreel the Half-Dead, was a human magic-user and one-time leader of the Scions of Kasrin, a terrorist sect devoted to restoring the empire of Kasrin to its former glory.


Kreel as he appeared in the final days of the war of succession in Karn.

In his later life, Kreel attempted to achieve lichdom, much as Asmundr had done at the height of his power. The ritual failed, however, and Kreel was left with a wasting, rotting body. His life became one of constant agony as his necrotic flesh fell away. He took to wearing heavy robes stuffed with herbs to conceal the smell of rot, and a metal mask to hide his skeletal face.

Kreel was instrumental in the final days of the war of succession in Karn. It is believed that he perished during this conflict.

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