Gronk is an orc of Skull Ridge. Considered wild and savage even by orcs standards, Gronk has lived most of his life in the mountains and wilds of Shade Vale, surviving only by his strength and his primitive cunning. Gronk is an avid hunter and fighter, and is greatly feared for his massive cudgel, carved from the tusk of one of Shade Vale's mastodons, which Gronk slew with his bare hands.

Gronk is an orc of few words, prefering action over conversation. His signature battlecry is "GRONK SMASH!"

Gronk was one of the orcs tasked by Chief Hivor Blackbone to retrieve the Godsword for the Corrupter.

Gronk was portrayed by Shawn Vegvari (Gamingbeast82) in the Orcs of Skull Ridge one-shot game.

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