The Great Scorching was a cataclysm that reshaped Erenoth in the last days of the Kasrin Empire. Initiated by Emperor Asmundr the Undying, the Great Scorching saw the dragons return to Erenoth for the first time in ages, burning the land indiscriminately. The Great Scorching was a pivotal event in Erenoth's history, resulting in the fall of the Kasrin Empire, the establishment of the Convocation, the creation of the desert of Sonnegeist, and the deaths of both Asmundr and his brother, Aeras the Reclaimer.

Time in modern Erenoth is calculated using the Great Scorching as a benchmark – years prior to the event are called Before the Great Scorching (BGS), and years after are called After the Great Scorching (AGS).

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