Fulgrim is a small fishing village in Gwyn Tirod. It is tucked up against a rise of hills known as Telond’s Hillock. It can be found on the east bank of Loch Brunne, a large lake. In addition to its lucrative fishing trade, Fulgrim subsides on a small but productive mining industry, and enjoys frequent trade with Aldimeer, Hummock, Brook, and, occasionally, Shade Vale.

The population consists mostly of humans, hill dwarves, and stout halflings.

Fulgrim’s defensive positioning between Telond’s Hillock and Loch Brunne have spared it from the worst of the raids from G’valt and Bloodhoof Steppe. Peace is maintained by a constable and a handful of guards. A militia is mustered in times of strife.

Ten years ago, Uldar Deepdigger, a hill dwarf of Bardoth, arrived in Fulgrim to establish a church of Ilmater. Uldar claimed to have had a vision that brought him to the south, and possessed great healing powers.

Uldar was instrumental in the defeat of Temur the Undaunted, Khan of the Bloodhoof centaur tribes, during the Bloodhoof Blitz.

Worship of Ilmater has become widespread in Fulgrim since his arrival.